The Long Game Scam
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Author:  10MinutePlaya [ Mon May 27, 2024 11:07 pm ]
Post subject:  The Long Game Scam

We all know of some lonely monger that got scammed after a few weeks, but
what about the guys that met seemingly "regular" women and had the
long game pulled on them? Meaning after a few years they found out their novia was
a part-timer, freelancer, or just a plain old scammer the hard way.

How much money or time did each monger lose?

What instructions or lessons learned can we get from this?

Remember - they say it's better to learn from the mistakes from the others than repeat them yourself :)

Author:  Kizomba305 [ Wed May 29, 2024 2:12 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Long Game Scam

A: Never get married

B: Never share bank accounts or other financial instruments that can be tampered with by a 3rd party

C: It does not benefit you to share more personal info than is necessary, even if you have been "in love" for years. Where is the benefit in doing so? Anything that can be used against you is a potential financial loss. What's the term to adhere to? "On a need to know basis."

D: Living together is going to increase the odds of something going awry

E: Getting a life insurance policy or writing a woman into your estate planning is the equivalent of painting a bull's eye on your back.

All that said does not mean you can't pamper her with gifts of various kinds, and she may reciprocate affection in return, either legitimate or acted. But the key is to limit your risk. The less money involved, and the less financial incentive, the less likely the lady is to turn on you.

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